Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

Use the quote generator on the Grimsby Minibus website to see how much the vehicle you are looking to hire will cost. If you play around with the generator, putting in different buses and coaches, dates and times, you will find that costs differ. This is because our minibuses and coaches cost more when the demand for them is greater than at other times. Our basic charging system is based on the type of vehicle and mileage covered. Clearly you wouldn’t expect to pay the same rate for a 72 seat luxury coach as you would an 8 seat minibus. One piece of advice we give our customers when they are thinking of booking a vehicle, especially if the date or time of travel is flexible, is to take a look at what else is going on, not just in the Grimsby area but further afield. Let me explain. Many schools take pupils on trips in the last week of the school year, this usually creates a demand for our larger vehicles, so they cost more at this time. Think about the Edinburgh Festival and Tattoo that occurs in August each year. Lots of people from this area book minibuses and coaches to go up to the festival, which reduces our number of available vehicles, making them more expensive. The summer months are always a busy period for minibuses because that is the time families need to get to the airport to jet off to Spain or southern France. In terms of the time of booking, think about the School run between 8.00 and 9.30 and again in the afternoon. You will find it cheaper if you can book your Minibus outside these times. The general rule for saving money with your Grimsby Minibus booking is, to so far as is possible, travel at quiet times.


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