Minibus Hire With Driver

Some people think anyone can drive a minibus and, to be honest, they would be correct, providing of course the driver holds a standard British license. At Grimsby Minibus, we would contend that it isn’t a simple as that. When you take the wheel of a full Minibus you are taking into your hands the safety of everyone on board. If you are not used to driving a vehicle the size of a minibus you are likely to find it quite strange at first, it’s going to be a lot longer than you are used to for a start. You won’t be used to the position of the controls either, certainly at first and if you are travelling to a place you are unfamiliar with, you will have that to deal with too. Why not save yourself the bother and hire your minibus with a driver. This means that every member of your party can relax and enjoy the event without anyone having to worry about driving. We have had customers who had volunteered to drive telling us how they didn’t sleep the evening before the trip. Our drivers are highly qualified, and as you would expect, are more than familiar with driving minibuses. They hold all necessary licenses, have benefited from intensive training we have given them and have been checked through disclosure and barring. Your safety and that of your loved ones, friends and colleagues, is of paramount importance to Grimsby Minibus.

Whether it’s a weekend trip away to play golf, a hen or stag night or a sports fixture you are attending, our driver will keep every member of your party safe. They are trained to cope with any emergency that might arise without panicking, they really are true professionals. Why opt to drive yourself when for not much more money, we can supply a driver.

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