12 Seater Minibus Hire

Increasing seating potential from 8 to 12 provides much more room. You get the same great specifications as you get with an 8 seater, the same level of comfort, if not a little bit more due to the additional leg and elbow room. You can store bags in overhead racks or under seats and some seats remove altogether to create more space. Many of our customers who book these 14 seaters are travelling with children where there has to be a certain ratio of adults to children. Children can sit comfortably and safely in all our vehicles. Pub and club groups also find 12 a handy number for darts, dominoes and pool trips to other venues. Airport runs are the other big users of these 12 seaters. There doesn’t even need to be 12, or even 11 travelling, because 8 can generate enough luggage to fill the space, and that’s without taking into account the impact of duty frees and gifts on the return trip home. Whether you are travelling in the Grimsby area, visiting a location up or down the coast or going inland for a special event a twelve-seater is capable of handling all road conditions and travels smoothly at speed on the motorway. Grimsby Minibus are completely reliable, we don’t let our customers down. Quite the opposite in fact, we will do everything we can to make your day, weekend or week with us a complete success.

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